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Olympians of the Sawdust Circle - I

Olympians of the Sawdust Circle: A biographical dictionary of the ninteenth century American circus

Compiled and Edited by William L. Slout
Copyright © 2005 by William L. Slout. All rights reserved.

IDALETTA. Of the high-wire walking team of Idaletta & Wallace, Pullman & Mack, 1885. Fell from the trapeze, Sabetha, KS, June 10, 1885, and was severely injured.

IDLER, WILLIAM. Program agent, Great International Circus (James E. Cooper, James A. Bailey, Robert S. Hood, David Worthington, proprietors), 1874.

IGNACE. Clown, rope-dancer and rider. Long-time employee of Victor Pepin, danced with his feet in fetters with two boys hanging from his legs; 1829, threw a back somersault from the rope to the ground, firing pistols as he did so. Pepin & Barnet, Natchez, MS, June 1823; Pepin’s, St. Louis, 1823; Bernard & Page, 1829; Page’s, 1830; Royal Circus, 1831.

IJEMSKO, MONS. General performer, VanAmburgh & Co., 1874.

ILLSHOFEN, HERR. General performer, Stone & Murray, 1868.

IMPOLO, MONS. General performer, VanAmburgh & Co., 1874.

INFANT ESAU. Bearded child, P. T. Barnum’s, 1871.

INGALLS, JUDGE H. P. (March 18, 1826-December 6, 1908) Born near Merrimac, NH. At 24 years of age went to NYC and became a streetcar conductor. Joined Franconi’s Hippodrome for a year or two until he connected with Welch & Lent for about 3 years. 1854, took charge of the museum in Philadelphia; secured the Siamese Twins, recently arrived in the country, and exhibited them there. With P. T. Barnum, toured the twins in England and American. Sideshow, Goodwin & Wilder, 1862, made up of snakes and other curiosities; sideshow, John V. O’Brien’s, 1863. Also managed and exhibited Captain Bates and wife, the Nova Scotia Giants. Took Millie Christine, the two-headed girl from North Carolina, to England, 1871. Shortly, became superintendent of the Cincinnati Zoological Gardens. Retired from show business, 1873, and settled in Bellefontaine, OH. Was a boon companion of P. T. Barnum, Isaac VanAmburgh, Adam Forepaugh, and old John Robinson. Won and lost a half-dozen fortunes. Reaped fame and money as the discoverer of the Siamese Twins. Died at his home in Huntsville, OH, age 82. INGRAM, PROF. Trained horses, World’s Fair Aggreation, 1892.

INMAN, CHARLES. Clown, French & Monroe, 1885.

INNES, WILL A. General agent, Alden, Crane & Co., 1884.

IRVIN, BELLE. Alex Abar’s Pavilion Show, 1889.

IRVINE, DEAN. Bareback ridcr, Adam Forepaugh’s, 1885.

IRVING, GEORGE H. Walter L. Main’s, 1891. Married Lillie Fullwood, non-professional, 1891; W. F. Kirkhart’s Great American Railroad Circus (W. F. Kirkhart, R. M. Harvey, proprietors), 1895.

IRVING, WILLIAM S. Treasurer, Stone & Murray, 1871, program agent, 1972; press agent, John F. Murray’s, 1973, advertising agent, 1874-75. With James W. Goodrich Wagon Show at the time of his fatal illness; died of pneumonia in Hartford, CT, age 59.

IRWIN BROTHERS [George, Jacob, Fred]. Equestrians and gymnasts, flying trapeze and horizontal bars. Head to head balancing on the trapeze, Dan Rice’s, 1879; John Robinson’s, 1881-83; W. H. Stowe’s, winter 1881-82; W. H. Harris’ Nickel-Plate, 1884; Adam Forepaugh’s, 1892. Fred Irwin, privileges, Forepaugh & Samwells, 1886; proprietor and manager, Irwin Bros.’ Railroad Show, 1887-89; Irwin Bros.’ Big American and Japanese Circus as late as 1895; Irwin Bros.’ Comedy & Variety Co., 1892.

IRWIN, JAMES. Head balancer. Ringling Bros.’, 1891; Great Wallace, 1896.

IRWIN, JOHN D. Chief bill poster, Maginley & Co., 1874; agent, Melville, Maginley & Cooke, 1875.

IRWIN, LEO. Great Wallace (B. E. Wallace, proprietor), 1896.

IRWIN, WILLIAM J. Head balancer and trapeze performer. Equilibrist, Irwin Bros.’ Shows, 1887; equestrian manager, John F. Stowe & Co., 1888; Sig. Sautelle’s, 1889; head balancing, trapeze act, Bailey & Winan, 1890; Circo Cortada, Cuba, winter 1893-94, 1894-95; Ringling Bros.’, 1894, 1897; Charles Bartine’s, 1895; Col. G. W. Hall’s, 1898; high bicycle wire and head balancer, Trevino’s, Mexico, 1898; Cooper & Co., 1900; Busby Bros.’, 1902; H. C. Lang’s, winter 1902-04; VanAmburgh’s, 1904; Kennedy Bros.’ Wild West, 1905-06; the Mighty Haag, 1910.

ISAACS, ADAH. Female clown, North American Circus, 1877; Allen’s Great Eastern, 1879.

ISENHART, J. B. Musical director, Whitney’s Imperial Wagon Show, 1892.


Copyright © 2005
William L. Slout and Circus Historical Society, Inc.
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