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The mission of the Circus Historical Society is to preserve, promote and share though education, the history and cultural significance of the circus and allied arts, past and present.


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Star Celebration of American Circus. Circus Now is proud to honor Big Apple Circus, 7 doigts de la main, and Philippe Petit, in our first annual Celebration of American Circus, featuring the inaugural American circus awards, to be held Sunday, January 4th at 8 p.m. in the Big Apple Circus Big Top in the prestigious Lincoln Center plaza. Part ceremony, part performance, the Celebration of American Circus will honor several artists and organizations that have revolutionized the circus arts landscape in America, while spotlighting the thriving state of the circus arts in America and New York City. In conjunction with the celebration, Circus Now is proud to announce the creation of three new national circus awards to be presented on the occasion to their inaugural recipients: the Evolving Circus Award to Gypsy Snider (7 doigts de la main, Pippin); the Elevating Circus Award to Philippe Petit (Man on Wire); the Community Impact Award to Big Apple Circus. Presenters: Tony-award winning director, Diane Paulus; Manhattan borough president, Gale Brewer; and MacArthur-winning juggler, Michael Moschen. Enlivening the evening will be performances by several of North America's most talented and esteemed circus performers including: Charlotte & Nicolas (7 doigts de la main, Pippin) in hand-to-hand; the Ricochet Project (Cohdi Harrel and Laura Stokes) on duo rope; the Anastasini brothers (Big Apple Circus) in a Risley act. The celebration will be directed West Hyler (Acrobuffos' Airplay, Big Apple Circus Metamorphosis) and will be followed by a reception in the Big Apple Circus rotunda on Lincoln Center. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here: here. . Sign into your CN account to receive a discount code for free tickets. Receive 50% off the ticket price by entering the code NYCCIRCUS when checking out.

Star Don't Fool Yourself: The Magical Life of Dell O'Dell, new book that has just been published. Dell O'Dell was the daughter of Lucky Bill Newton, a circus owner from Kansas. Her brother, Honest Bill, was also a circus owner. Following in his footsteps, Dell learned to juggle, balance sofas on her chin, and went on to own her own circus (and was one of the few women to do so in the early 20th century). She worked in many big shows, as well. Her husband, Charles Carrer, a top flight juggler, grew up in Europe and toured the world with many circuses himself. The book includes rare photographs from Dell's career, her father, and their shows. It is a 332-page quality hardcover, and is available from the publisher:

Star Astley's Circus, the story of an English Hussar, new book on the life and times of Philip Astley and his role in the formation of the circus. Astley was one of the most famous and popular entrepreneurs of the 18th Century - a man dubbed "the father of the modern circus." Lots of illustrations! Details at Astley's Circus


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